HCG Diet Drops | Do They Help in Weight Loss?

Today we will put to rest the million dollar question ‘Do HCG Diet Drops Really Help in Weight Loss?’.

In this post we shall discuss:

  1. What is HCG Diet Drops?
  2. Why is it Important?
  3. The Asher-Harper Double Blind Study
  4. Results of The Study
  5. What Other Scientists Think About the Study?
  6. The Real Importance of HCG Diet Drops
  7. What People Have To Say About HCG Diet Drops?
  8. Where to Buy HCG Drops?
  9. Conclusion (My Personal Stand on HCG Diet Drops)

I will try to be as brief as possible. And make sure you read every word as this could change your perception of HCG Diet & HCG Hormone.

What is HCG Diet Drops?

HCG Diet Drops is the HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) Hormone. It is produced by pregnant women.

The Hormone is extracted from pregnant women and is a pharmaceutical drug. It is commonly prescribed for infertility treatment.

However, in recent times the Hormone has turned popular because of its use in the HCG Diet.

According to ATW Simeons when HCG hormone is consumed with a low calorie diet weight loss is induced significantly.

Though the above statement is debatable, we will find the true use of HCG hormone later in this post.

The Importance of HCG Diet Drops

As mentioned earlier, HCG hormone is essential in the HCG Diet (According to ATW Simeons) for one to lose weight.

It is believed, HCG hormone helps metabolize fat. It also helps to reprogram the brain in consuming low calorie food after the course is completed.

Several studies have been conducted to prove the significance of HCG Hormone.

None of them found a correlation between HCG hormone and weight loss, except for one.

The Asher Harper Double Blind Study

W.L Asher and Harold W Harper (both M.D) conducted a double blind study to test the effectiveness of HCG hormone in weight loss.

They selected 40 women. Their age ranged from 18 to 65.

The selection process involved certain strict conditions.

  • They were all looking to lose weight with HCG Diet
  • None had previously opted for the HCG Diet in the past
  • None had lost lost more than 5lb in the past 3 months.
  • If they were receiving medications in the past three months, the same must be continued during the entire period of study.

How the Study was Conducted?

40 women were split into two groups randomly.

The first group was the HCG group. They received 125 IU of HCG injections daily.

The second group was the placebo group. They received placebo as injections.

None knew whether they were receiving HCG or Placebo. The HCG vials (which contained placebo) were manufactured similarly to the real HCG vials.

A total of 36 injections were supposed to be given to each patient.

Each vial was used only for a week. When they were mixed with bacteriostatic water they were immediately refrigerated.

Importantly, all injections were given when the solution was still cold.

And of course, all followed a strict adherence to HCG Diet.

Results of the Study

The HCG group lost more weight compared to the placebo group.

The aerage weight loss occurred in HCG group was 19 lb while in the placebo group was 11 lb.

The average difference in weight loss among the group was 8 lb. Though not significant, here comes the punch.

Daily each patient was reviewed and questioned about their hunger (ranging from none to much) and how they felt (from poor to excellent).

76% of patients in the HCG group reported none to little hunger. The number in the placebo group was 48%.

Regards to how they felt 86% felt good or excellent in the HCG group while 70% felt the same in placebo.

What we can conclude (without doubt) is that nearly 2/3 of the people taking HCG felt little to none hunger.

This is vital because lesser the hunger pangs more are the chances that one will stick to the strict diet.

What Does This Study Prove?

The weight loss is not significant.

However, what is significant is the hunger pangs.

One cannot keep on adhering to a strict low calorie diet when hunger pangs are hard to control.

The Asher Harper study clearly shows that HCG group had 2/3 higher rate of none to little hunger pangs compared to placebo group.

click here to download the Asher Harper Study in PDF format.

An Interesting Study on Rats

This study is called the Fleigelman Fried Study. Rats were separated in two groups. First group was injected with 50 IU of HCG for 7 days while the second received saline solution.

When the first group of rats were assessed, it was found that the hormones responsible for synthesis of fatty acids were drastically reduced ranging from 35% to 85%.

You can find details of this study along with the Asher Harper Study (the download link is given above).

What Other Scientists Think About the Study?

Many other scientists have replicated the Asher Harper study. None till date have been able to find a correlation between HCG and weight loss.

Most think that Asher & Harper study was conducted in a poor manner.

Therefore, this study is wide discredited.

But everyone is missing the real importance of HCG Diet Drops.

The Real Importance of HCG Diet Drops

Many think that HCG is vital for weight loss. Unfortunately, we don’t have much scientific evidence to back it up.

But we do know for sure that HCG hormone is required to stick with the HCG Diet.

We know HCG diet is low caloric in nature. Sticking to it is next to impossible in the long run. That’s the reason why many fail to lose weight with the HCG Diet.

However, when HCG is consumed while on low calorie diet it makes it more manageable. This makes people to adhere the strict guidelines.

This is where the real importance of HCG diet drops come in.

In the Asher & Harper study they not only looked at the weight loss but also hunger pangs and how they felt daily.

This is the only study (ever conducted) to determine other two factors apart from weight loss.

And here is where other studies fail.

Though some studies have managed to assess hunger they are not as detailed as the Asher Harper Study.

Therefore, the real benefit of using HCG along with HCG Diet is to suppress appetite.

What People Have to Say About HCG Diet Drops?

There are two types of people.

The first type has never tried HCG Diet. Reads some review by a renowned doctor who calls HCG Diet a scam and says HCG is a sham.

These people never try the diet. Even after someone comments that they had excellent results they fail to give HCG Diet a try.

They are simply influenced by what the medical world thinks.

Though there’s nothing wrong in it. One must at least give it a thought when other genuine persons are highly benefited on the HCG Diet.

The medical world is full of double blind studies that changes stand everyday.

Some day in the newspaper you will read eggs are bad while the very next week you will read that eggs are the best food. All these are supported through double blind studies.

If you don’t trust me, do a search online and you will find several double blind studies that contradicts itself regularly.

Then there is the second type of people who had tried the HCG Diet and changed their life drastically.

Around 85% of people who have tried the HCG Diet have lost their weight and lead a happy and leaner life thereafter.

I said 85% because not all can withstand low calorie diet even when you consume HCG. Every body is different.

A certain doctor on his website had called HCG diet a scam. He goes on to state all studies and how they never prove anything.

Within the comment section there are loads of comments. Most people are supporting the doctor’s view. These people were looking to try the HCG Diet. After reading the doctor’s review they decided that HCG Diet is really a fad diet.

However, within the same comments are people who had tried the HCG Diet and provide their own experiences. Below I have taken some screenshots of people who shared their experience.

The above are just few of the several positive comments supporting HCG Diet.

There are still loads of them and you can see for yourself how people are testifying the benefits of HCG Diet.

Most importantly some commenters even mention how the HCG hormone is essential.

These are all first hand experience with HCG Diet.

This brings us to the next question…

Where to Buy HCG Drops?

The original protocol of HCG Diet requires that one must use HCG Injections only.

This could cost you anywhere between $300 to $500 per month because HCG is expensive. The other thing is that you need to purchase HCG injections through a clinic or pharmacy online with a doctor’s prescription.

All these add to the cost.

However, you could try the HCG Diet for just $35 per month.

As discussed above the real benefit of HCG hormone is to suppress hunger.

This can be done with HCG injections or other HCG Diet Drops that suppress hunger.

click here to read more about how to do the HCG Diet in just $35 per month.

My Personal Take on the HCG Diet Drops

Scientifically HCG Diet Drops do not bring about weight loss. The weight loss that usually occurs in HCG Diet is due to calorie restriction.

However, the truth is different vouched by people who have tried the Diet.

They found HCG Diet Drops a necessity to complete the HCG Diet successfully.

I, personally believe that the benefit of HCG hormones lies not in losing weight but in suppressing hunger.

And if you are still skeptical, what better way to find it out by trying the HCG Diet by yourself.

Disclaimer: FYI FDA does not approve HCG Diet or the use of HCG for weight loss.