Ewing and Ewing is a weight loss information blog based out from Salem Oregon. This was found recently by me (Sherin Ewing). I am a preacher of low calorie diet and intermittent fasting.

I was 35 when I became severely obese. Mainly due to the my sedantry lifestyle.

My work required that I sit before the computer for at least 10 hours per day. Slowly I started to gain weight and it was significantly visible.

I was the target to fun and laughter. (I don’t know why people think fat people are funnier)

It was at this time I decided to change my life for the good.

I heard about the HCG diet. Many people were all praise about it. I also noticed that this HCG Diet is against the FDA. The FDA believes that its dangerous to lose weight on a low calorie diet like the 500 or 800 calorie per day.

Even I was taken aback when I heard the low calorie numbers. My single meal consisted of more than 500 calories. And to think I can live on that calorie for the entire days seemed impossible.

Then I met a fellow person online. She was very kind and talked about the benefits of HCG Diet. When I brought up the idea of Low calories she just brushed it away.

She said that indeed it is tough to live on low calorie diet but once a persons gets used to lower calories life becomes normal.

With her guidance, I started the HCG diet.

Fast forward to now, I have lost more than 35 lbs and no more made fun of. I mean I am not thin but fall under normal people category and not be stamped as fat.

Therefore, with my knowledge I am here to provide some guidance on best practices of HCG Diet.