Real HCG Drops | BIGGEST SCAM Of HCG Diet Industry

Real HCG drops are the craze for HCG diet users. Because you only lose weight with Pure HCG Drops. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase only Pure HCG.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen.


99.9% of HCG drops that you purchase are illegal according to the FDA.

These illegal HCG drops are homeopathic HCG drops. And they are sold as Real HCG drops in the market.

Companies to increase profit are running this scam silently. HCG Diet industry isn’t heavily monitored. Hence, selling homeopathic HCG drops as Pure Ones online is easy.

However, in recent times, FDA has cracked down on several HCG Drops companies. Most have changed their name and continue to sell as medical grade HCG drops while some have closed.

How Homeopathic Drops are Sold as Real HCG drops

There are two ways these companies are carrying out their modus operandi.

One method

First, they hire bloggers on a commission basis. For every product sold, these companies offer a generous reward. Though the companies advice not to pass their product as real ones they fail to implement it.

Bloggers know the only way to sell Homeopathic HCG drops is to pass them as Real Ones. 

Here the company can’t take the blame as they didn’t say anything about their product being Real HCG Hormone. And the bloggers can get away as they aren’t selling anything. They are just referring. You can’t blame someone for just referring, right?

Other method

Secondly, these companies themselves create several HCG diet blogs. They are so good at it that you cannot relate them to any particular company. The blogs appear to be created by some other person. Right from the about section to blogger’s profile, everything is fake.

On such blogs, several products are compared. Their product is marked as recommended. Some people will end up purchasing from other companies while most will go for the recommended one.

And as a buyer, you feel satisfied for choosing the right product.

Which HCG Drops are Homeopathic?

Almost all HCG drops brand are homeopathic.

In the past, some were genuine and sold medical grade HCG drops. However, when FDA cracked on them for selling HCG drops are weight loss supplements they changed to Homeopathic version.

Here is a list of popular Homeopathic HCG Brands

  • Official HCG
  • HCG Complex, now Complex Diet Drops
  • Nutra Pure
  • HCG 1234, now 1234 Diet drops
  • Easy HCG, now Pounds & Inches
  • HCG Triumph
  • HCG Plus Drops
  • Bottled HCG Diet Drops
  • Xtreme HCG Drops

and more…

Notice, how some companies removed the HCG from their brand name and switched to a different name. This is usually because of FDA Warnings.

Which companies Sell Real HCG Drops?

The Only Company that sells Real HCG Drops is Nuimage Medical.

Here’s how to Get Started

Visit this page.

You will be asked to choose a program. They have two programs, 26 and 46 days.

After you have selected the program, next you will be asked whether you would like HCG Injections, drops or Pills.

Choose HCG drops or any other option.

Select any addon which is optional then click Next.

You will be asked about your medical history and some other info. fill them, proceed to billing and you are done.

More About NuImage Medical

Nuimage Medical is a doctor prescribed HCG diet program. They are a bit expensive because of the medical grade HCG.

You get a prescribed HCG drops or injections from a licensed physician within the US. You also get telephone and email support 24×7.

And if you feel the prices are high then homeopathic HCG drops are your only options.

Final Thoughts

If you choose homeopathic HCG drops over Real HCG please don’t expect any amount of weight loss. It’s your decision.

Most important, don’t blame the people who try to scam, because you have been warned.

Note: If any of the above-mentioned companies think they have been misrepresented, please contact us using the contact form available on our website. We will be happy to cross check facts.