Ewing and Ewing is HCG drops information blog based out from Salem Oregon. This was found recently by me (Frank Jackson). I am a preacher of HCG drops and love to make things straight.

See most people think HCG drops is quack and one loses weight only because of a low-calorie diet.

Although the above statement is true it is only partial. The entire truth is that you need the HCG drops to ensure that the lost weight doesn’t come back. It is also vital for you to stick with the HCG diet.

Moreover, HCG diet is not just low-calorie diet but also low carb diet.

By just doing a search about low carb diet you will see a significant rise in the supporters of this diet as it has seen profound results in weight loss and better health.

Therefore, in short, HCG diet works and HCG Drops is also essential for the proper execution of HCG Diet.

And I will provide all information regarding this info on this blog slowly and steadily as I have time. BTW, I forgot to mention that I work as a personal trainer.

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