Real HCG Drops | BIGGEST SCAM Of HCG Diet Industry

Real HCG drops are the craze for HCG diet users. Because you only lose weight with Pure HCG Drops. Therefore, it makes sense to purchase only Pure HCG.

Unfortunately, this isn’t going to happen.


99.9% of HCG drops that you purchase are illegal according to the FDA.

These illegal HCG drops are homeopathic HCG drops. And they are sold as Real HCG drops in the market.

Companies to increase profit are running this scam silently. HCG Diet industry isn’t heavily monitored. Hence, selling homeopathic HCG drops as Pure Ones online is easy.

However, in recent times, FDA has cracked down on several HCG Drops companies. Most have changed their name and continue to sell as medical grade HCG drops while some have closed.

How Homeopathic Drops are Sold as Real HCG drops

There are two ways these companies are carrying out their modus operandi.

One method

First, they hire bloggers on a commission basis. For every product sold, these companies offer a generous reward. Though the companies advice not to pass their product as real ones they fail to implement it.

Bloggers know the only way to sell Homeopathic HCG drops is to pass them as Real Ones. 

Here the company can’t take the blame as they didn’t say anything about their product being Real HCG Hormone. And the bloggers can get away as they aren’t selling anything. They are just referring. You can’t blame someone for just referring, right?

Other method

Secondly, these companies themselves create several HCG diet blogs. They are so good at it that you cannot relate them to any particular company. The blogs appear to be created by some other person. Right from the about section to blogger’s profile, everything is fake.

On such blogs, several products are compared. Their product is marked as recommended. Some people will end up purchasing from other companies while most will go for the recommended one.

And as a buyer, you feel satisfied for choosing the right product.

Which HCG Drops are Homeopathic?

Almost all HCG drops brand are homeopathic.

In the past, some were genuine and sold medical grade HCG drops. However, when FDA cracked on them for selling HCG drops are weight loss supplements they changed to Homeopathic version.

Here is a list of popular Homeopathic HCG Brands

  • Official HCG
  • HCG Complex, now Complex Diet Drops
  • Nutra Pure
  • HCG 1234, now 1234 Diet drops
  • Easy HCG, now Pounds & Inches
  • HCG Triumph
  • HCG Plus Drops
  • Bottled HCG Diet Drops
  • Xtreme HCG Drops

and more…

Notice, how some companies removed the HCG from their brand name and switched to a different name. This is usually because of FDA Warnings.

Which companies Sell Real HCG Drops?

The Only Company that sells Real HCG Drops is Nuimage Medical.

Here’s how to Get Started

Visit this page.

You will be asked to choose a program. They have two programs, 26 and 46 days.

After you have selected the program, next you will be asked whether you would like HCG Injections, drops or Pills.

Choose HCG drops or any other option.

Select any addon which is optional then click Next.

You will be asked about your medical history and some other info. fill them, proceed to billing and you are done.

More About NuImage Medical

Nuimage Medical is a doctor prescribed HCG diet program. They are a bit expensive because of the medical grade HCG.

You get a prescribed HCG drops or injections from a licensed physician within the US. You also get telephone and email support 24×7.

And if you feel the prices are high then homeopathic HCG drops are your only options.

Final Thoughts

If you choose homeopathic HCG drops over Real HCG please don’t expect any amount of weight loss. It’s your decision.

Most important, don’t blame the people who try to scam, because you have been warned.

Note: If any of the above-mentioned companies think they have been misrepresented, please contact us using the contact form available on our website. We will be happy to cross check facts.

Which is the Best low Carb Diet?

In the previous article, we discussed how low carb diet works and how it benefits the body. In this post we are going to discuss about the best low carb diet.

Let me get straight to the point.

The Best low carb diet is called the HCG diet.

This diet was found by a Dr. Simeons. When he was researching in India he found that lean mother had a lean baby and vice versa. Upon closer observation, he noticed that these lean mothers had the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin hormone plentiful when compared with other moms.

Moreover, he also noticed that these moms tended to eat fewer calories. hence, the doctor made a relationship with the HCG hormone and low-calorie diet or low carb diet.

When he returned to the US he stated that one needs to eat low carb foods along with a dosage of the hormone to keep the weight at bay if at all one needs to lose weight.

Though it was never proven his diet, so-called the HCG diet picked up craze. It was brought to life again in 2009.

There is no scientific evidence and there is no approval from the FDA. However, people still tend to believe the HCG diet and they lose weight.

So what is the HCG diet?

The HCG diet is all about eating low calorie and foods low in carbs. Basically, you are going low in carbs and also low in calories.

You have three choices of calorie ranges. For example, you can choose the 500 calories, 800 calories or 1200 calorie plan. Usually, the 1200 calorie plan is more popular than the others.

In this diet, you will totally avoid carbohydrates and will feed on lean meat and vegetables.

And irrespective of what calorie plan you choose you will have to go through the diet in four phases.

The first phase is the preparation phase.

In the second phase, you are getting into the diet along with eating of low calorie foods. These usually include chicken and some veggies.

In the third phase, you are gradually incraseing the intake of calories.

And in the fourth phase, you are at a stage where all you do is maintain the eating habit for life.

Does This HCG Diet Really Work?

As mentioned earlier this diet is not scientifically proven. And there is no FDA approval. Therefore, companies selling HCG drops for the purpose of losing weight are coming under the scanner of FDA.

Most comopanies are fined by the FDA and have been closed now. However, there are some companies that still promise to promote weight loss along with their HCG drops.

But people are loyal to this diet and have forums and discussion about this diet. They even have real life journery where they talk about their weight loss goals.

Some swear by the diet while others consider it mere by product of low calorie diet.

Things to Look for Before Getting into HCG Diet

There are some important things you need to consider if you are getting into the HCG diet.

Firstly, don’t go for the homeopathic versions of HCG drops. These are fake and will no help you with weight loss.

Secondly, always opt for HCG injections if at all you want to lose those weights. It has been found that HCG injections work better when compared to HCg drops.

And finally, consult with a doctor before getting this diet. This low calorie or low carb diet is not meant for all. Get your blood checked up or a full body check up so that your physician can have a good idea about your health’s condition.

What is Low Carb Diet? How Does it Work?

When we were young we heard in our biology classes that energy makes of calorie in and calorie out. To gain energy we consume calories and to use that energy we spend them as calories. This was and is the basic principle of calorie and energy.

Therefore, if you wish to lose weight then you need to spend more calories than you consume. For instance, 3600 calories make a pound. Hence, to lose a pound you should be a deficit of 3600 calories.

This deficit can happen anyway. Either you eat a low-calorie diet and thereby have less calorie and reduce weight. Or you can work out or spend more as energy resulting in a calorie deficit.

The former seems to be perfect for weight loss. It’s easy and you don’t’ have to work hard.

And carb is full of energy. We eliminate it we eliminate eating high calories. Don’t worry we will be able to tap a different energy source which will be discussed late.

Is Low Carb Diet Safe?

Did you know that our body does not have to consume carb?

Seems shocking to you, isn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s the truth. You don’t have to eat carb to survive or to stay fit and alert. In fact, its the opposite. When you decrease your intake of carb you become more alert and active than you were before.

This is actually a byproduct of low carb diet.

When you are low on carb, your body cannot use glucose as its primary energy source (as there is no carb consumed).

Your body turns to another energy source called ketones. Ketones are taken from the fat reserve of your body.

As you eat less in carb diet, the ketones get used up and so does the storage of your fat cells. In the end, you end up with a nice and ripped body.

Low Carb Diet Routine for 21 Days

Try this low carb diet routine for 21 days and you will notice significant changes in the way you think and move.

As soon as you wake have four or five organic and pasture raised eggs. These eggs need to be soft boiled or cooked. Do not overcook as the white will harden and it will make it harder to digest.

In the afternoon, eat 250 gms of red meat along with fat. Yes, don’t chop off the fat as you use to do. Fats are crucial in lowering weight and making this low carb diet work. If possible cook the red meat along with butter or lard. Throw in some vegetables of any kind. It doesn’t matter.

Vegetables will help flush your digestive tract. 

At night, eat any source of meat protein, like fish or meat. Or you can take eggs also. It really doesn’t matter.

Please remember that you don’t have to eat three times a day. This is not your usual diet plan. Eat only when you are hungry. This way you will consume fewer claories along with low carbs.

Benefits of Following Low Carb Diet

Here are some benefits of following the low carb diet

  • Your blood pressure will be reduced. If you are suffering from high blood pressure, you will notice that within a couple of days your pressure has significantly reduced.
  • You will lose weight. You won’t notice weight loss within a few days. You need to give at least 10 or the entire 21 days to see that significant weight loss.
  • You will stay active. You will notice that you are more active than before. If you are used to taking regular afternoon naps, you won’t have the need to take one.
  • Your blood sugars will stabilize. I am not joking here. You will literally note that your blood sugars have stabilized irrespective of how high it is.
  • And much much more…

These were just a glimpse of those benefits. There is more to it. You just have to see it for yourself.

Don’t take my word for it. Follow the low carb diet for 21 days and you will see a new YOU.